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Re-Energise Manor Royal

Re-Energise Manor Royal

A vision for Manor Royal where the energy supply is more sustainable, secure and locally-generated - raising the profile of the Business District, reducing our carbon footprint, and lowering the cost for businesses.

Re-Energise Manor Royal

A local energy community working for businesses to help them reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions, take control of their energy supply and move towards net zero operation. 

Project details

Re-Energise Manor Royal is working on behalf of businesses to attract investment and deliver new clean energy projects for the business district, such as roof-mounted solar panels and batteries to store clean electricity.

The aim is to increase all forms of renewable energy on Manor Royal and secure the business district’s reputation for innovation in sustainable, low carbon energy generation. Creating a more sustainable Manor Royal is a key objective of the Manor Royal BID’s five-year business plan. Businesses will benefit from cheaper, more secure, low-carbon energy supply and protection against price hikes.

Re-Energise Manor Royal operates on a not-for-profit basis and has been established as a Community Benefit Society. It reinvests the financial surplus it makes from selling energy and other services into new energy projects that benefit members and the wider community. Membership is open to all businesses on the Manor Royal Business District.

Re-Energise Manor Royal has been created through a partnership between the Manor Royal BID, West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council, working in partnership with the Interreg 2 Seas funded LECSEA project.

To find out more about our local energy community, including how you can join, visit the Re-Energise Manor Royal website 

What is a LEC?

A Local Energy Community (LEC) is a group of local energy generators, users and other stakeholders who work together to take greater control of their energy supply and management - making it cheaper, cleaner and more resilient. Creation of the LEC is part of the strategy to help Manor Royal businesses progress to net zero operation.

Could your building, whether owned or rented, be suitable for Solar Panels to help generate your own energy from renewable sources? If so, declare your interest by getting in touch on the Manor Royal Re-Energise website

Supporting Documents

ReEnergise Manor Royal Briefing Note

Finance & Governance Options (March 2019) - a Manor Royal Local Energy Company (6Mb)

Finance & Governance Addendum (Commercial case report) (March 2019)   

Finance & Governance Workshop (Dec 2018): Presentation and Workshop output

Opportunities Study presentation (July 2018)

Strategic Opportunities Report (May 2018)

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